Today’s Infectious Disease News (1/2/20)

Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella Risk Twice as High in Poultry Raised With Antibiotics

In a novel kind of study, researchers showed that poultry raised with antibiotics was two times as likely to be contaminated with multidrug-resistant Salmonella as poultry that was antibiotic free. According to Xin Yin, (MPH, DrPH candidate at Penn State College of Medicine), the research team chose to examine poultry because it is “a very important vehicle for the transmission of antibiotic-resistant salmonella” and “antimicrobial resistance to salmonella is a public health concern in the United States”. Xin says that the main takeaway of the study is that “when you go to the grocery store to purchase poultry meats, you need to read carefully about the antibiotic-usage-related production claims and think about the risk of antibiotic resistance before you make the purchase decision”.

Full Story: MedPage Today