Hospital Consultations


We are requested to consult on patients in the hospital who present with difficult infection problems or complicated diagnoses. Commonly we are called for unexplained fevers or postoperative complications. This may also include a need for antibiotic use despite the presence of significant antibiotic allergies in a patient. Treatments for more difficult infections complicating a hospitalization such as Multidrug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) can include the need for antibiotics against bacteria known as MRSA, ESBL, or CRE and require the expertise of an Infectious Disease specialist. Frequently antibiotic usage is difficult in patients who have other medical conditions such as kidney or heart problems and dosing of medications particularly antibiotics can be a difficult and challenging maneuver. Our consultations help to provide appropriate antibiotic usage as well as minimize the potential of adverse reactions associated with the medications while maximizing the chance for eradication of infections and excellent outcomes. We also lead the transition of your care for the continuity of antibiotics in the outpatient setting.