We offer the option of OPAT with close nurse supervision and expertise in both our Mount Laurel and Voorhees offices for those patients who require ongoing IV antibiotics. Treatments are available on a daily basis, 7 days-a-week including weekends and holidays. This provides care for patients requiring IV antibiotics after discharge from the hospital or after the initial consultation in our office. Patients can frequently avoid hospital admissions with close monitoring by our expert staff.

Our Office Infusion suite allows us to provide immediate care and transition for patients upon hospital discharge ensuring they continue to receive their prescribed treatment. This approach permits reduced length of stay in the hospital, and close surveillance by our team in our infusion suite prevents potential re-hospitalization and readmissions. Episodes of cellulitis, diabetic foot infections, osteomyelitis, resistant urinary tract infections, sinus infections, postoperative wound infections, etc. can easily be managed in the outpatient setting. Every patient’s care plan and antibiotic therapy are directly reviewed and monitored by our physicians and nurse directors. This dramatically improves our patient outcomes.

In addition, our infusion suite and experienced nurse specialists provide a pleasant environment and experience during your need for medical care. Given their expertise with intravenous catheters, in some instances, we will use peripheral IV lines, however, if needed, and when appropriate we do utilize PICC or midline catheters during the course of your therapy. Labs tests are obtained on-site to monitor treatment and are reviewed with you the next day.