Office Consultations


Referrals from primary medical providers to our Mt. Laurel or Voorhees offices for new Infectious Disease-related problems such as unexplained fevers, complex or resistant urinary tract infections, bone infections (osteomyelitis), Lyme disease, PPD evaluations, MAI lung disease, cellulitis, soft tissue infections, HIV, Hepatitis C, and Clostridium difficile infection are some of the common reasons we evaluate patients in the outpatient setting. We are available for urgent next day appointments when necessary. We may arrange for oral or intravenous therapy depending on the severity and necessity of your problem. We also follow patients on a regular intermittent basis who are challenged with chronic soft tissue/cellulitis infection problems associated with diabetes, frequent UTI, immune deficiencies, and recurrent cellulitis associated with other entities. Our staff understands your personal time challenges as well as transportation issues and will attempt to arrange convenient times and if necessary for your care, urgent appointments.