This Week Brings Major Developments in the Fight Against COVID-19

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Study Confirms Delta-Plus Variant More Contagious than Original Delta Strain

No, it’s not a new airline rewards program. But you should definitely learn more about the delta-plus variant, especially if you plan to travel this year. Research shows this variant is more contagious than the original delta variant. Please encourage your friends, family, coworkers to get fully vaccinated. It’s the only way we can prevent a more vaccine resistant strain from emerging.

Full Story: BBC

Vaccine Boosters Clear Key Stage in Approval Process

Americans are one step closer to having access to COVID-19 booster doses. The FDA approved COVID-19 booster shots of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines for more at-risk groups. The agency’s recommendation allows people getting boosters to “mix and match” vaccines, meaning that your additional dose does not have to come from the same company that produced your initial doses. The agency has already approved Pfizer’s booster for the high-risk individuals. If CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky gives final approval, booster vaccines could be immediately available to people currently eligible.

Full Story: USA Today

Pfizer Vaccine Holds Up Against Delta Variant, Large Study Finds  

A large study from Pfizer and BioNTech found that its booster shot restores almost all of the protection against COVID-19 provided by the initial two shots. More than 95% of people participating in the trial did not contract the virus over the ~3-month follow-up period, during which the delta variant was the predominant strain. The companies will soon submit their data to be peer-reviewed by independent researchers. The research offers promising evidence that the vaccine holds up against the more delta variant. 

Full Story: CNBC