What do tick bites have to do with red meat allergies? For many Americans, quite a lot

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Did you know that you can develop a red meat allergy from a tick bite? As bizarre as it sounds, it is a serious condition that affects more than 110,000 Americans. The condition is formally known as Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), and it causes a delayed allergic reaction 2-6 hours after eating red meat. People with AGS are sensitive to alpha gal, a chemical found in cows, pigs, deer, lamb and rabbit. Non-food products containing alpha-gal can also trigger a reaction in people with AGS. Medicines coated in gelatin, for example, can be problematic, because gelatin is typically made from cows or pigs. Birds, fish, reptiles and humans do not contain alpha gal. AGS can cause a number of symptoms, including hives or rashes, nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, cough, trouble breathing, dizziness and severe stomach pain.

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