Today’s Infectious Disease News (8/16/20)

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As Schools Reopen, Missed Vaccinations Due to COVID-19 Increase Risk of Flu and Measles Outbreaks

Vaccination rates were falling before the pandemic and polls show many parents are now wary of taking their kids into a doctor’s office for flu and measles shots. Doctors and health officials are concerned that low vaccination rates and less social distancing will make it very difficult to reopen schools safely. “All it will take is a case of measles entering our community and we will see loss of life that is completely and totally unnecessary,” warned Dr. Alix Casler, a pediatrician and chair of the Department of Pediatrics for Orland Health Physician Associates. “It can be hard for people to grasp just how important universal vaccinations are because they’ve never seen how devastating these diseases can be.”

Full Story: USA Today