Today’s Infectious Disease News (12/26/20)

Black Physician Dies from COVID-19 After Alleging Improper Care at Indiana Hospital

Dr. Susan Moore died of COVID-19 three weeks after documenting what she described as improper care in a much-watched video and being sent home prematurely from an Indiana hospital. Dr. Moore contracted COVID-19 in late November and experienced high heart rate, high respiratory rate, high fever and was coughing up blood. In her December 4 video on Facebook, she said doctors were ignoring symptoms, denying her pain medication and pushing her to go home even though symptoms persisted. Some studies show implicit racial bias to be a problem in medical care (Green et al., 2003; Hall et al., 2015) as it is in most professions in the United States. See the links below for relevant research.

Full Story: The Hill, Indianapolis Star, Green et al., 2003, Hall et al., 2015