First Vaccines Administered at Virtua Health

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Yesterday was an exciting day for our physicians; Virtua Health began administering the first round of COVID-19 vaccinations! After such a long year full of bad news, we want to share some of reactions to receiving the first dose of real hope. 

Dr. Sherman-Weber received her first COVID-19 shot yesterday! She’s excited to take this first step toward moving on from the virus. Even after Dr. Sherman-Weber gets the second dose, she’ll continue to take safety precautions to protect herself and others. 

Dr. Kraus got vaccinated, too! “This is so great! I feel a sense of elation”, she said afterward. Like Dr. Sherman-Weber and all of our staff, Dr. Kraus will still take safety measures to protect herself and the community. 

Dr. Topiel with Paul Sarnese, Assistant Vice President of Safety, Security and Emergency Management: “I am grateful and indebted to Paul Sarnese for all his efforts every day to keep us safe. Another day at the office but an emotional one!”

Dr. Topiel would’ve given two thumbs up if he could!

This is a truly exciting step toward resuming normalcy in our lives. If we think of the pandemic as a big shuttle were trying to launch into space, the vaccine acts kind of like a super powerful rocket. Just because we have this extra boost, doesn’t mean we won’t still follow the usual safety procedures. If we’re going to reach escape velocity from COVID-19, we’ll need to finish strong. Making sure we all continue to social distance, wash our hands and stay safe over the next few months will allow us to move on from this crisis.