New Website Launched to Raise Awareness about Treatment-Resistant Microbes


The Partnership to Fight Infectious Diseases has launched a website raise awareness about treatment-resistant microbes, a problem known as antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Despite killing 1.3 million people per year, the healthcare community has at times struggled to help the public understand urgency of AMR. The website, called Global AMR Diary, is collecting and sharing the real experiences of patients, parents, physicians affected by drug-resistant bacteria. Through the power of storytelling, this initiative aims to help people see the personal impact of antimicrobial resistance. “…Many people still don’t feel it can affect them personally,” said Danilo Lo Fo Wong, of the WHO Regional Office for Europe. “The global (antimicrobial resistance) community needs to find other ways to communicate this message clearly. Personal stories can break the silence and bring the impact of (antimicrobial resistance) closer to home.”

The launch of Global AMR Diary is supports broader communications effort called “AMR is invisible. I am not”, which is led by the WHO Task Force of AMR Survivors. This initiative features highlights the stories of AMR survivors and advocates.

For more information, see: CIDRAP