FDA Could Approve First-Ever RSV Vaccines This Year

physician speaking with patient

Two vaccines for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) have shown promising results in late-stage clinical trials. Pfizer produced both vaccines; one is for adults aged 60 and older and the other is given to pregnant women to protect infants from RSV. Both vaccines were highly effective at preventing severe symptoms from the virus, and no safety concerns emerged. Older adults and small children are two of the highest risk groups for developing severe illness from RSV. Every year between 60,000-160,000 older Americans are admitted to the hospital with RSV. Between 6,000-10,000 of these patients do not survive the illness. Each year 58,000-80,000 children under 5 years old are hospitalized due to RSV. The advisory committee to the FDA recently voted in favor of approving the vaccine. The agency usually follows the advice of this committee of outside experts. The FDA is expected to vote on whether to authorize the vaccines later this year.

Full Story: CNN, The Hill