Avian Flu Reported in Senegal, as the Virus Continues to Hit Poultry Farms Worldwide


Senegal is the latest country to experience Avian Flu outbreaks on poultry farms. The virus led to the deaths 11,400 poultry birds on a farm in the northwest region of the country. The H5N1 virus, also known as Bird Flu or Avian Flu, has now killed over 200 million birds globally. The virus has proven extraordinarily deadly to birds killing virtually 100% of the chickens it infects. Already the worst bird flu outbreak on record, it shows no signs of slowing down. The global crisis has already caused economic damages in the form of skyrocketing egg and poultry prices and devastated poultry farms. Currently the direct risks to human health are minimal. While the short-term threat of human infection remains low, experts warn that this prolonged, uncontrolled transmission gives the virus more opportunities to mutate. When this happens, it raises the chances of another pandemic.

Full Story: Reuters, Nasdaq