USDA Finds No Avian Flu in Raw Beef as Outbreaks Continue Throughout the Country


Raw beef tested negative for Avian Flu as the virus continues to infect US cow herds. The virus has been detected in more than three dozen herds of domesticated cows in recent months. The USDA and FDA have also tested a variety of dairy products, finding the live Avian Flu virus in raw milk. Pasteurized milk, which accounts for most milk sold in stores, was found to contain inactive viral fragments not capable of infecting a person.

The USDA used the Avian Flu test as opportunity to check the effectiveness of general food safety guidelines. Using a substitute virus, scientists found that beef burgers cooked to 120 degrees or less still contained live virus. Burgers cooked to the recommended 145-160 degrees didn’t have any live virus. Health officials said that these results underscore the importance of cooking meat to the proper temperature.

Full Story: CNN