Today’s Infectious Disease News (6/7/24)

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FDA Approves Updated COVID-19 Vaccine

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel approved an updated COVID-19 vaccine tailored to newer COVID strains. The independent panel of experts unanimously voted to recommend the formulation designed target the JN.1 variant. The panel’s recommendation reflects a similar guidance from a World Health Organization committee which also advised that the vaccines use the JN.1 formula.

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Just Half of All Americans Would Tell Their Partner if They Have an STD

Only half of all Americans would tell their sexual partner that they have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), new research shows. Fear or anxiety were common reasons for not wanting to disclose their STD status. Many people also believed that they don’t need to inform their partner of their STD if they use a condom. Some people said they didn’t feel obligated to inform their sexual partner if it was a “one night stand”. On the other hand, individuals who told their partner about their infection did so because of feelings of love or intimacy, believing they have a responsibility to tell their partner. Approximately 1 in 5 Americans have an STD at a given point in time. Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia have soared to record levels in recent years.

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