Today’s Infectious Disease News (6/20/24)


Dengue Fever Spikes Across Americas

As we approach the halfway point in 2024, cases of dengue fever in the Americas have already doubled the total from all of 2023. Dengue, which is spread by mosquitos, has surged over the past several years. In 2024 to date, over 9.3 million cases have been recorded across 43 countries and territories. Health agencies also confirmed more than 4,529 deaths from the virus. Most of the fatal infections occurred in six countries: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia and Ecuador.

Full Story: CIDRAP

Fueled by Climate Change, West Nile Virus Spreads in Las Vegas Area

The mosquito population has rapidly grown in the Las Vegas area, and more of them are carrying West Nile virus than ever before. Scientists have long warned that climate change would likely lead to the spread of mosquitos and the diseases they harbor. In recent years these projections have unfortunately become reality. Health officials are urging residents to take to steps to avoid getting bitten. The virus can produce symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea and headaches. More severe infections can lead to death (approximately 1 out of every 150 cases). Preventing mosquito bites is critical because no vaccines or treatments currently exist for the disease.

Full Story: NBC News