Today’s Infectious Disease News (6/17/23)

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CDC Cautions Americans About Traveling to Countries with Higher Risk of Polio

The CDC is warning Americans about the risks of polio infection when traveling to the UK, Canada, Israel and 28 other countries. The poliovirus is currently circulating in these countries, and health officials warn anyone visiting these areas to “practice enhanced precautions. The best defense against the virus is ensuring you’re up to date on your polio vaccinations. Being fully vaccinated means four doses for children and three doses for adults. Because of waning immunity since childhood, the CDC recommends that fully vaccinated adults get a one-time inactivated polio booster. Travelers may also be required to provide proof of vaccination when leaving the country. 

Full Story: USA Today

Tick-Borne Infections on the Rise in the US

This year we are already seeing a high number of tick-borne infections. Lyme Disease and Babesiosis, carried by ticks, have become more common in recent years. Warming climates are allowing tick species to thrive in new regions and stay active even in Fall and Winter months. You can protest yourself by checking for ticks after spending time outside and following a few simple precautions.