Today’s Infectious Disease News (5/6/20)

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COVID-19 Parties Exacerbate Outbreaks in US

“COVID-19 parties” are exacerbating outbreaks throughout the country. Some people, in an attempt to contract the novel coronavirus, have been organizing large gatherings. The CDC and other health agencies are strongly urging the public not to engage in these parties, which have resulted in attendees becoming ill. “We want to be able to start to reopen our community,” said Meghan Debolt, the director of community health for Walla Walla County in Washington. “But if our community isn’t practicing proper physical distancing and social distancing guidelines, and they are intentionally trying to go and contract Covid-19, that sets us back pretty far from being able to open.” The CDC continues to warn US residents to avoid unnecessary contact with anyone outside of the household. According to the latest data, cases are on an upward trajectory in some parts of the country and have only plateaued or minimally declined in many other areas.

Full Story: New York Times