Today’s Infectious Disease News (5/16/22)

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Vaccines Reduce Risk of “Long COVID”, Which Burdens Patients Months after Initial Infection

Following A large study finds that vaccinated people are at significantly lower risk of persistent COVID symptoms several weeks or months after the initial infection. Long COVID can take the form of many symptoms such as respiratory problems, fatigue, diarrhea or constipation, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Compared to unvaccinated people, those who are vaccinated are less likely to develop hypertension (33% lower risk), diabetes (28% lower risk) and heart disease (35% lower risk) at 90 days after a COVID-19 diagnosis. Vaccinated people are about half as likely to suffer respiratory problems and fatigue as people who are unvaccinated.

Full Story: MedPageToday

Air Pollution Increases Risk of Developing COVID-19 Symptoms

The link between air pollution and many health conditions has been known for years. Studies show that relatively low levels of air pollution increases the risk of developing COVID-19 symptoms, even among young, healthy people.

Full Story: Washington Post