Today’s Infectious Disease News (5/15/21)

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A Kaiser Family Foundation COVID-19 survey showed that many unvaccinated Latino Americans want to receive the vaccine. Despite the Latino population having the lowest rates of vaccinations of any racial/ethnic group in the US, the new poll revealed that of all unvaccinated people, Latinos are most likely to report a desire to get vaccinated. The percentage of Latinos expressing skepticism about the vaccine has decreased from previous polls. The most common reasons for vaccine hesitancy are currently are misinformed concerns about vaccine costs and access as well as practical issues like having to leave work as well as immigration status. With so many unvaccinated Hispanic adults eager to get a shot, there’s an opportunity to further close the gap in vaccination rates by addressing worries about costs and practical concerns such as time off work,” said Liz Hamel, a vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation and director of public opinion and survey research.

Full Story: New York Times