Today’s Infectious Disease News (4/2/20)

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As Many as One in Four People with COVID-19 are Asymptomatic, Data Shows

The CDC is reporting that up to ¼ of COVID-19 infections do not present symptoms. The health agency explained that the asymptomatic nature of many of the cases has played an important role in allowing the virus to spread so easily. Researchers in Hong Kong found that “20-40 percent of transmissions in China occurred before symptoms appeared.” These findings demonstrate why all people, whether or not they are displaying symptoms, need to practice social distancing in order to contain the pandemic.

Full Story: New York Times

States Falling Behind on Testing Face Next Round of Major Outbreaks

States in the South and Midwest are lagging behind on testing, a pattern that is hindering efforts to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus in these regions. Per capita testing rates in Michigan, Georgia and Oklahoma are among the lowest in the US. This especially large deficit in data puts these states at higher risk for uncontainable outbreaks and will make determining when to pull back on social distancing orders more difficult.

Full Story: Politico

COVID-19 Clip of the Day: On the “Here For Good” podcast, Dr. Martin Topiel discusses the latest updates on the novel coronavirus and what people can do to keep themselves and their community safe.