Today’s Infectious Disease News (4/16/20)

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Marriage/Divorce Researcher Shares Relationship Advice for Quarantine

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, who has studied marriage, adultery and divorce for more than 4 decades, offers advice on how to “grow together rather than apart” during quarantine. She describes some of the basic neuroscience that contributes to and reflects a “long term happy partnership”. In brain scans of the people in happy relationships, three brain regions were active: an area that studies have tied to empathy, one associated with regulating stress and emotions, and another linked to “positive illusions” — or the ability to look past traits in your partner that you find undesirable, emphasizing the characteristics that appeal to you. Fisher argues that learning how to adopt this mindset, along with maintaining a routine and other strategies, can allow you and your partner to not only survive quarantine, but potentially thrive.

Full Story: New York Times