Today’s Infectious Disease News (4/15/24)


Avian Flu Circulating in Asia Mutates into Potentially More Dangerous Strain

Avian Flu continues to decimate farm animals across the world. In parts of Asia the virus has evolved into a hybrid between an older clade (strain) and a newer one that has began circulating widely in 2021. This “reassortment” is demonstrates the remarkable ability of the virus to adapt and develop features that make it more threatening to humans. While a handful of human illnesses and deaths have been reported, the short-term danger to people’s health is low. Vietnam health authorities recommended that poultry farmers as well as veterinarians to bolster their biosecurity and advised the public to take safety precautions like regularly washing your hands while preparing food or handling animals.

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Avian Flu Strikes More US Dairy, Poultry Farms

Avian Flu has hit poultry farms in 3 more states: New Mexico, Minnesota, and Michigan. These outbreaks reflect a countrywide, and international, pattern of uncontrolled spread of the virus. Michigan currently faces outbreaks in poultry as well as cows. Dairy producers are required by law not to sell any milk from infected cows. At the moment, the human health risk from Avian Flu remains low. However, the more virus is allowed to spread unabated, the greater the chances that it evolves to become transmissible from animals to humans and from person to person.

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