Today’s Infectious Disease News (2/15/2022)

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New Research Illuminates Stillbirth Risk in Pregnant Women Unvaccinated Against COVID-19

A new study sheds light on why unvaccinated pregnant women face a higher risk for stillbirths. While fungi, bacteria and other viruses pass through the placenta to infect the baby, COVID-19 is unique in how aggressively it attacks the placenta itself.  The study’s author Dr. David Schwartz explained that most placentas were so severely destroyed that the damage could be seen “under the microscope and with the naked eye”. He added that the “the average placenta was 77.7% destroyed” and that “a fetus can’t survive with this type of damage because the placenta is its sole source of oxygen and nutrition.” All 68 of the infected placentas in the study showed evidence of significant cell death and 66 of the placentas had a buildup of inflammatory cells.

Full Story: HealthDay