Today’s Infectious Disease News (12/4/2023)

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Respiratory Illnesses on the Rise Across the US

Flu is surging across the US. Southern states were first to experience the spike in cases, and now the virus has begun to spread northward. The US has also seen an spike in illness caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which overwhelmed some hospitals in the south. Health officials say RSV cases could level off over the next couple of weeks and then start to decline. Meanwhile, COVID-19 activity has picked up throughout much of the country, particularly in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.

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Cantaloupe Contaminated with Salmonella Cause 117 Illnesses, 2 Deaths

Cantaloupe contaminated with Salmonella has sickened 117 people in 34 states, including New Jersey. Since the outbreak began, the harmful bacteria has hospitalized 61 individuals, killing two. The infections have caused a recall of certain brands of whole and precut cantaloupe. The FDA warns Americans to throw away any cantaloupe listed in their recall advisory.

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