Today’s Infectious Disease News (12/23/22)

More than 18 Million Americans are Living with Long COVID

A US study found that 18.8 US million adults are experiencing long COVID. Of all COVID-19 survivors in the country, 7.3% live with long COVID. Long COVID can take many forms, but it is defined as one or more symptoms lasting weeks, months or years after the initial infection. Long COVID can occur even in people whose initial infection was mild. The study supports a growing body of research that shows this condition is relatively common and can be disruptive to daily life. The survey found 25.3% of adults with the disease had symptoms that significantly impacted their ability to complete daily activities. The most common symptom reported was fatigue. Other symptoms linked to long COVID include fever, difficulty breathing, chest pain, heart palpitations, brain fog, coughing, digestive problems and many more symptoms. A specific long COVID symptom can appear even if the person did not experience it during their COVID-19 infection.

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