Today’s Infectious Disease News (12/13/22)

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CDC Advises Americans 65 and Older to Get Specially Formulated Flu Vaccine

The CDC recommends that Americans 65 years and up get a flu vaccine tailored to older adults. People over 65 generally have weaker immune systems, and therefore need a bigger boost than the standard flu shot provides. After an extensive analysis of the latest science, the agency officially recommended 4 specially formulated vaccines. Each one works in a slightly different way to strengthen the body’s immune response against the flu. Three options have been approved by the FDA: Fluzone High-Dose quadrivalent, Flublok quadrivalent, and Fluad quadrivalent. All three vaccines offer better protection for older adults than the standard shot. To date, studies have not definitively showed which one of the three provides the highest level of extra protection.

Full Story: Washington Post