Today’s Infectious Disease News (11/18/22)

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More Children Receiving COVID-19 Boosters Would Prevent at Least 38,000 Pediatric Hospitalizations, Ease Strain on Health Systems

Outbreaks of flu, COVID-19 and RSV have overwhelmed hospitals across the US this Fall as thousands of children suffer from severe respiratory illnesses. Overburdened hospitals often means that their ability to provide emergency care to people is compromised. As a result the overall quality of care in hospitals can also worsen. Studies show that increasing vaccination rates is one of the best ways to protect children. A recent analysis found that if children received the COVID-19 booster at the same rate they got the flu shot in 2021 (50-60%), we would prevent a minimum of 38,000 pediatric hospitalizations through the end of the winter. More vaccinations would also prevent millions of days of school absences.

Full Story: CNN