Today’s Infectious Disease News (10/11/22)

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COVID-19 Boosters Critical to Saving Lives and Preventing Hospitalizations, New Report Finds

A new report by US Department of Health and Human Services reveals COVID-19 vaccines prevented as many as 370,000 deaths and 700,000 hospitalizations from COVID-19 in 2021. Studies have shown that protection from the original COVID-19 vaccines lessens over time, making critical that more Americans receive the updated booster this Fall. Only half of all eligible Americans have gotten at least one booster vaccine. A new analysis estimated that if the number of people receiving COVID-19 boosters this fall matched the uptake of 2020-21 flu vaccines, the US would avert 745,000 hospitalizations and 75,000 deaths this winter. “The most important thing every American can do to reduce their likelihood of having significant, preventable health issues in the next three to six months is to go get an updated Covid vaccine”, said White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha.

Full Story: CNN