Today’s Infectious Disease News (1/31/23)

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New Report Warns That the World “Dangerously Unprepared” for Future Pandemics

The world is not equipped to handle the next pandemic, a report from the Red Cross warns. Most countries were unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though COVID-19 posed some new challenges, many of its worst impacts could have been mitigated if we had made proper investments in emergency preparedness. According to the Global Health Security Index, all 195 countries are not ready for a future emergency. The report lays out several recommendations’ governments should implement:

  1. Countries should update or pandemic preparedness plans and policies. Outdated laws hampered the COVID-19 pandemic response, leading to disorganization and dysfunction. As a result, critical resources were either not available or were not used effectively or efficiently.
  2. Plans should incorporate concrete action steps to bolster “equity, trust, and local action.”
  3. All countries should ratify a new treaty and amended International Health Regulations by 2025.
  4. Governments should enhance infectious disease monitoring systems.
  5. Invest $15 billion in global health programs by at least $15 billion per year. 

Full Story: Business Insider, Reuters