Today’s Infectious Disease News (1/26/23)

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CDC Studies Show Updated Booster Offers Strong Protection Against COVID-19

Two studies from the CDC show the updated booster provides good protection against the new the COVID-19 sub-variants. Unlike the original booster, the updated booster was designed specifically to protect against the omicron variant. Because the omicron variant had evolved since the new booster was developed, infectious disease experts were not sure how well it would hold up against the mutated virus. The studies demonstrated that the updated booster lowers the risk of death by 1,300% compared to not being vaccinated at all. Americans between the ages of 18 and 49 who received the booster were 49% less likely to experience an infection with symptoms than their unvaccinated peers. People in the 50-64 age group were 40% less likely to develop a symptomatic infection those who were not vaccinated. Fully boosted people aged 65 and older faced 43% lower odds than individuals who were unvaccinated respectively. Most Americans received their most recent booster dose more than a year ago and are therefore not well protected against less severe COVID-19 infections.

Full Story: USA Today, Reuters, CNN