Sports Venues Entice Fans with “Fully Vaccinated Sections”, Giveaways

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“Vaccine passports” for entry into sporting events are becoming more common throughout the United States. The New York Mets, LA Dodgers and Brooklyn Nets are just a few of the teams which have also introduced fully vaccinated fan sections, which allow people to go without physical distancing masks and other safety measures in those areas. Other sports franchises such as the Seattle Mariners are enticing people to get vaccinated and attend games by offering prizes at the stadium. Fully vaccinated fans at Mariners home games between May 27 and June 2 will be automatically eligible for random giveaways of T-Mobile 5G phones, Alaska Airlines roundtrip travel for two, Xbox game consoles, Costco gift cards and more. AT&T Park joins a growing list of venues across the country incentivizing fans to get vaccinated.

Full Story:, CBS News, New York Daily News