Philly to Host World AIDS Day Events on December 1

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Every December 1 since 1988, people around the globe have commemorated World AIDS Day. This year in Philly, a number of events are happening across the city to help bring awareness, resources and funding to the community.

Philadelphia Gay News shared some of Philly’s most interesting, and impactful, events taking place across the city on Friday: World AIDS Day 2023 Events. They provide the details about film screenings, variety show fundraisers, health fairs with free medical services, and more!

Much progress has been made since the first World AIDS Day. One success story has been the development of medicines that dramatically lower your risk for HIV. PrEP, which stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis, lowers your chances of getting HIV from sex by 99%, when taken as prescribed. New treatments are allowing individuals with HIV as well as those diagnosed with AIDS to lead long, productive lives. Yet, the burden of HIV/AIDs still weighs heavily on millions of people. For example, many Americans encounter major challenges to accessing PrEP. Research shows that less than 25% of people who could benefit from the medication were prescribed it. Many barriers stand in the way, including lack of insurance or inadequate insurance, not having a primary care provider, stigma surrounding the disease, and lack of awareness about about PrEP. These challenges, both domestically and abroad, cause millions of people to experience preventable infections. In 2022, about 39 million people were living with HIV. In addition, 1.3 million new HIV infections were confirmed last year.

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