Long COVID is Relatively Common and Disruptive to Daily Life, Research Shows

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A new study shows that long COVID harms quality of life more than some forms of cancer. Chronic fatigue was most disruptive symptom for people suffering from long COVID. Long COVID is characterized by a wide range of symptoms that persist at 3 or more months after the initial infection. New symptoms can that were not present during the initial infection can emerge, and last for months or years. The study builds on a research that shows long COVID is more common and severe than most Americans realize. Approximately 17% of those with COVID-19 infections will develop long COVID. Patients’ quality of life scores were below those of people living with certain advanced metastatic cancers and patients recovering from a stroke. “Shockingly, our research has revealed that long Covid can leave people with worse fatigue and quality of life than some cancers, yet the support and understanding is not at the same level”, said Professor William Henley of Exeter University Medical School. “We urgently need more research to enable the development of evidence-based services to support people trying to manage this debilitating new condition”.

Full Story: The Guardian