Infectious Disease Physicians (9/1/22)

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First Death Connected to Monkeypox Reported in Texas

Texas reported the first death of a person with Monkeypox. The patient was hospitalized and had a severely compromised immune system. Most people who contract Monkeypox recover, but the virus is particularly dangerous for people with existing conditions. In many cases the virus first presents as a rash on or near the genitals, or in other areas of the body (i.e. hands, feet, chest, face, or mouth). like the hands, feet, chest, face, or mouth. People often experience flu-like symptoms, which can manifest before or after the appearance of the rash. Other people with the virus get a rash, but no other symptoms. The onset of symptoms occur within 21 days of exposure to Monkeypox. Those infected with the virus can be contagious from the time symptoms emerge until all scabs have completely healed. This contagious period typically lasts 2-4 weeks.

Full Story: STAT News, Centers for Disease Control (CDC),