Important Message about COVID-19

It’s really wild to grasp what is happening at such a weird moment in our lifetimes. And so we wanted to share the science behind why it’s so important to stay home.

PLEASE do what is safe and STAY HOME. If not for yourself, for your family/friends/neighbors/strangers who are immunocompromised. For the hospitals that are about to be overwhelmed with patients. For the people who have to keep local services operating during this pandemic. PLEASE STAY HOME.

— It’s clear that we are heading into a national and international lockdown over the next two weeks. The reason: The ease of transmission of the virus and the doubling rate of cases and deaths developing in the United States.

—AVOID AIR TRAVEL except if urgent.
If you’ve traveled in the last two weeks, especially by plane, PLEASE STAY HOME.

— ALL in-person meetings should be cancelled.

The alternative is to see your business fall apart when two people become infected and the infection proliferates.

At this point in the endemic area, sitting in a small-to-medium sized room with a group of people is medium-to-high risk. By doing this, you are increasing the infection level in your community.

Business owners should note that it’s in their best interest to shut down in-person activity NOW to prevent further disruption of business down the line. If not for your fellow humans, shut it down for the longevity of your business.

Think of creative ways and strategies to minimize interactions.

No!! The virus easily transmits by respiratory droplet secretions from the mouth and hands, which is why containment is so challenging.

NO. The virus easily transmits by respiratory droplet secretions from the mouth and hands, which is why containment is so challenging.

Don’t be falsely led into “I cleaned it off.”
Studies are very clear: Even in hospitals with expert employee environmental cleaners, at best, these cleaners are 40-60% adequate for bacteria. For something as contagious and transmissible as Covid 19, that percentage is simply inadequate.

Gyms and bars are HIGH RISK AREAS. These are places where people constantly interact, which we are trying to avoid.

It’s hard to deal with a global upheaval of change. In order to prevent further disruption, we need to put the work in NOW over the next two weeks.

The smart thing is to learn how to be creative with video conferencing/phone calls/technology: Work at home. Exercise at home. Have FaceTime dinner dates and play virtual games. Take time to catch up with people you haven’t chatted with in awhile.

CHANGE our CULTURE and BEHAVIOR. Change is hard but we can do it!

We don’t get do-overs. We have one shot to flatten the curve of infection. PLEASE do your part. STAY HOME. (And wash your hands.)

Stay Safe,

Virtua Infectious Disease Physicians