Commercially Sold Milk Does Not Contain Live Avian Flu Virus, Tests Show


Tests conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that pasteurized store-bought milk does not contain any live Avian Flu virus. The tests simulated the standard heat-treatment process that most commercially sold milk undergoes to kill dangerous viruses and bacteria. Prior to this study, no studies had been done to examine the effectiveness of pasteurization in killing this specific virus in cow’s milk. These results demonstrates that milk undergoing this commercial high-heat treatment remains safe to drink. Live virus capable of causing illness has been detected in raw milk, and infectious disease experts strongly advise against consuming raw milk products.

Avian Flu continues to spread uncontrolled among US dairy cows; The longer the virus is allowed to circulate, the more likely that it will land on a mutation that makes it highly infectious to humans. At that point, a global pandemic becomes a substantial threat.

Full Story: Associated Press