CDC Issues Public Health Alert As Measles Outbreaks Spread

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As measles cases spread throughout the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning Americans of the growing public health threat. The number of measles infections to date in 2024 has already surpassed the total cases in 2023. The virus has sickened at least 58 people across 17 states this year. Other countries have also experience a resurgence of measles. A major cause of the recent outbreaks is declining vaccination rates. Thirty-six states have low childhood immunization levels. Nationwide during 2022-2023, less than 95% of kindergarten-aged kids received the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, which falls short of the threshold needed to achieve herd immunity that prevents outbreaks. Herd immunity means that enough of the population has developed immune protection against a virus. The vaccinate rate neccesary to reach herd immunity varies based on the contagiousness of a given virus. Given the heightened global threat of measles, health officials advise families with children between 6-12 months old and who are traveling to high-risk countries (currently including the UK, Austria, Romania, the Philippines, and others) to consider vaccinating their child a few months ahead of schedule.

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