CDC Creates Data Dashboard to Track Flu in Wastewater


The CDC has created a dashboard to help track Avian Flu (also known as bird flu) activity. The dashboard displays data on the levels of influenza in wastewater at test sites throughout the US. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, wastewater testing has taken on increased role in infectious disease monitoring. The online tool shows the levels of all influenza A viruses, not just Avian flu (which is a type of influenza A virus). Therefore it is intended to be part of a set of tools to help health professionals form a picture of community spread of the virus.

The CDC has regularly collected this data as part of its standard infectious disease monitoring but had not made it publicly available until last week. A more robust system of data collection and reporting will be critical in the efforts to prevent a potential bird flu pandemic. Health officials have confirmed the virus in more than 9,300 wild birds across every state, over 90 million poultry birds in 48 states, and 46 cow herds in nine states. One person in Texas was infected when working with livestock.

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